Steal Me

J. Webb ©1986
Performed by Sidestreets

I can tell how your feelin

sayin' words you do not mean

Iíve been starrin' in your dreams
starrin' in your dreams.....

I can see it in your eyes girl

If you want me
come and get me
girl won't you give it a try
if you want me
come on girl
donít worry whoís in my eye
yea its true, I love someone
but donít let that get you down
'cause if it's true and I'm your one
just reach out and take me now

If you want me, come on tell me
girl donít you keep it inside
if you want me
come on take me
stealin' love ain't a crime
if it's true
& you want me girl
thereís not much that I can do
& if it's true, & you want me girl
then the first move's up to you

Steal Me... Steal Me....
Donít give in you just might win
and steal me, steal me...

if you put up the fight you just might
steal me