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Computer Tips

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Windows Tips

  • To make the copyright symbol press alt+0169 on your numeric keypad
  • To minimize all your running programs quickly, press the windows key+M  (+M)
  • To exit an application using a keystroke press alt+F4
  • If you forget your Windows XP password do this:
    1. Restart the pc in safe mode (F8 pressed as soon as text appears on screen)
    2. When User account page opens, select Administrator.
    3. Open Control Panel and select User Accounts
    4. Choose your account then select 'remove password'
    5. Once removed, restart & log in password free.
    6. Write your password down in future

    Hard Drive in RAW format? try this. boot off the Windows Disc, go to the Recovery Console. at the prompt type in CHKDSK /R

Hardware Tips

  • When installing an additional hard drive, put a small piece of tape on the side of it, marking it's size and position, i.e. "80g D:\" that way if you need to replace it you won't have to guess which drive it is
  • If replacing a CD drive, pull out the 4 pin power connector before un-mounting the screws. it will give you leverage if the plug is tight.
  • Whenever you are upgrading or changing hardware, always boot up the computer and test the new hardware before you screw down the cover. You never know when you'll have to go back in.

How to:

Upgrade the Hardware on a Windows 2k Server

Recently I upgraded my old PII300 running Windows 2000 Advanced Server to a P4 2.0Ghz. Unlike the old days of Windows 98, you cannot just pull out the c drive and put it into new hardware. Depending on how old the old computer is/was it may not boot. The following is the method used to do this, it worked out great and I have a server that's actually useful now.

On the original server, shut down running applications and services, www service, ftp, default website, etc. and also the DNS and WINS services. Clean out all unnecessary files off the drive, any loose files you can put on a CD, do it. Clean out the temporary internet files too. Run the backup program and backup the c:\ drive & the system state to the d:\ drive, assuming your d:\ drive will move to the new computer.

Install all the hardware in the new computer, including the d:\ drive you put the backup on. Make sure you have the same configuration of drives as on the old comp, i.e., 2 hard drives, 2 CD drives. You can always change it when you're done restoring.

Install Win2k server on the new computer and also any service packs that were on the old comp. You'll have to get the network going if your backup is on a network drive. Don't bother installing video drivers and minor stuff. Once the install is finished, reboot the computer and press F8 to enter the troubleshooting mode. From there, pick directory restore safe mode. Once it's booted up in safe mode, run the backup program. Choose to make a catalog and navigate to the backup file you made on the old comp. Make sure the restore settings are set on overwrite all files. Run the restore. This might take a long time depending on how big the backup file was, go have lunch if it's a big one.

Once it's complete, reboot the computer. this time be sure to have your new hardware drivers on hand. all your apps and settings will be the same as the old server, just your hardware will be new

Misc. Tips:

Never work on your computer late at night, because if you mess it up, you'll never get any rest until you fix it!



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