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Here are some photos of my upgrade (June 2007)


I picked out another ASUS motherboard, because they've
always done me well. This is a P5B-Plus. Next up, I finally
decided to stop being a cheap ass and get a decent
video card. So I got a GeForce 8600 GTS w/256. I
picked this big mutha because I prefer a heat sink over
those shitty little GPU fans any day. I bought 2G of Memory
with heat sinks. The blue matches, love it!

Core 2 Quad
absolutely rocks!

I picked up a 10,000 rpm
drive with some b-day
money I got

I was really excited to do this upgrade. It's been 4 years or so since I've done a full upgrade. I'm glad to say I really did well with my last build that I was able to keep it as long as I did without many problems. I would say it took about an hour or so to remove the old parts and put in the new ones. If anything, the worst part was trying to get my old install of Vista with all my apps back. After several attempts, it just didn't happen and I ended up starting over fresh. Of course, since I had already activated Vista previously, I had to call Microsoft to get them to re-activate it. I talked to a pleasant woman from India, lol. So I ended up taking my previous drive with Vista and putting it into an enclosure, I was able to at least pick some of my system stuff from there. I found out that windows Vista backup is worthless. oh well, live and learn
Windows Vista - Ultimate Edition - RC1
Ok so I downloaded the free preview of Microsoft Vista RC1 from their website. I thought I'd give it try and be ahead of the game when everyone buys it after the release. Well I know this would take a computer of decent power, so I decided to run it on my mac. Ha, that was fun. I went and got a copy of Parallels Desktop from their web site, which is fantastic! I highly recommend it for all the mac users who need to run another OS. It runs windows xp very well. So, I decided to try n run Vista. I visited their forum at parallels, and they said it would run the beta1. So I had some wine, and said wth, let's do it. I had a tough time getting that going, I couldn't get the internet going and had a beatch of a time trying to figure out how to boot off the disc n such. Of course being half in the bag didn't help. Finally I got it. But I was so damn tired so I went to bed.

The next day I visited the P forum again, and I saw that someone got RC1 to go after a couple of last minute and probably nightly release of PDesktop. Well I tried that, and it installed just fine almost without a hitch. After I got it booted, I got a BSOD. (Geez already) but I felt impressed with all the pretty eye candy I was looking at. Below are some screen shots of the various places you should be familiar with already.

Control Panel in Classic View Main Desktop Games Welcome Logon My Network Places
1 2 3 4 5
Control Panel Non-Classic Gadgets Media Player 11 My Computer Permissions
6 7 8 9 10
Start Menu Shut Down Welcome center Windows mail  
11 12 13 14  
I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, a lot of it is still the same old XP with a new face. I see a lot of things that were taken from the Mac OS, the search bar in every window, the gadgets, the 3D flip reminds me of Expose, those are nice. 3D flip is cool but probably useless you know about it. I couldn't get that to work with my configuration. You will need a good graphics card with a decent amount of memory I would say preferably 256 and also a good amount of system memory, at least 1 gig. Internet Explorer (sorry I forgot to get a screen of that) is a resource hog. I could barely run it. I have 604 megs allocated to Vista, and well, my graphics card doesn't quite have the right config, which is probably the problem here. I think it's ugly, and hard to use. I had to install firefox to keep my sanity, lol. The biggest thing I had troubles with is finding stuff that I used to know where it was. That goes for internet explorer and the whole Vista too. I had a bear of a time trying to find where to go to configure my internet settings for a static IP address. It seems I did a lot of extra clicking to find stuff. Add remove programs has been renamed to programs and features. They also took the Display settings out of the control panel. Why? I don't know. Again, I did a lot of clicking about to find it. The best thing is the new start menu. It's well organized and doesn't get in your way or fly out 20 times when you need to open an app. it's more navigatable (is that a word?) and it stays in one place. The only thing I couldn't find was the run menu, but I just typed "run" in the search bar and it popped right up.
There's no more hour glass while you're waiting, now you get a spinning "O" which is cool looking, but of course you'll get sick of it waiting for stuff. I thought they did a nice job with GUI, it is very pretty to the eye, very glassy.
Microsoft has also did a lot of stuff to try and protect you from virus' and malware, they've incorporated they're "Defender" app in the security section, and you'll notice when you try to install apps, you'll be asked for permission often. I got sick of that real quick. I suppose it's for your own, er my own protection. In fact I had Windows tell me I needed administrator permission to install CorelDraw. Funny, I am the admin. I had to google for the results on that one. ha.
Anyhow, there are a lot of things I could go on and talk about, but who wants to read?? So I'll let you look at the pics, and if you have questions, or want to see more shots of other stuff send me an email or hit the contact link below.
Paul n Cin fix comp in Pittsburgh - May 2005


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